Lotus Buddhism / FAQ / Where Do Benefits come from?

Where Do Benefits come from?

Encountering “benefit” in life is nothing extraordinary:

Suppose you are driving from location A to B, but the road is dangerous, bumpy, or long.  Then, if someone advises you to take a different road (you did not know previously about), it would be a real benefit to find it, being a secure, smooth, and shorter road. 

“Benefit” is experiencing a desirable effect of a change in our circumstances, making it better. 

A beneficial change occurs as an effect of a correct cause:

“….human beings never fail to prosper when they make good causes”. WND1p1013

To enjoy obtaining a benefit, one must make the correct cause towards that desirable effect.

When we chant NamMyohoRengeKyo – we are directing our life to be in rhythm with the flow of the Law of reality, the Law of cause and effect. Being in rhythm would lead us naturally to harmonious and helpful to us circumstances. 

Getting benefit from our actions may seem as if we are “attracting good fortune” from the environment.  Getting benefit, however, is a natural effect of being in harmony with the universal law of life.

Sincere chanting leads to experiencing the best of our mind and potential. 

Chanting leads to:

  • Inner harmony,
  • Clarity of mind, and
  • Empowerment  and confidence.

Through chanting, one’s anxiety and inner tension disappear, paving the way for clarity of thinking.  Clarity of mind is based on reason; on understanding causes of action and their effects. 

The emerging insight we inwardly perceive through chanting (about the situation we are facing) presents a vision of wisdom about what causes of action could be made in order to create a change.

Correct causes of actions that would lead to beneficial solutions become clear to us. 

Finally, taking responsibility to act in the most successful way requires lifeforce, courage and empowerment, feelings which are revived and felt through chanting.

Benefits are not caused by “miracles” – but by our correct actions at present and also by our positive karma we have created (so called one’s good fortune).  Having a karmic tendency to attract what is positive and avoid what is negative – would also lead to attracting good circumstances we deserve. 

Chanting is the power that puts our life - with all its complexity - into the correct path of enlightenment, enabling us to take action and create value.